RedSeal develops security risk management (SRM) software and solutions and helps companies eliminate cyber threats.

Company Overview 

RedSeal provides a cybersecurity analytics platform to Global 2000 organizations that certifies evolving networks are secure and accelerates compliance initiatives. Companies are increasingly challenged with network complexity that far exceeds their ability to effectively understand and manage.  

RedSeal’s advanced analytics engine creates a functioning model of your network, tests your network to identify security risks, prioritizesneeded actions, and gives you critical information to quickly remediate issues.  The result:  reduced cybersecurity risk and lower maintenance and incident response costs.  RedSeal serves customers  in North America, Europe, and Asia that include leaders in finance, retail, technology, utilities, service providers, and government, all served by RedSeal’s channel partner network. RedSeal also partners with leading security companies to provide comprehensive security solutions.  For more information, please visit

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