Acorns is the first micro investing platform that allows people to round up daily purchases and automatically Invest the Change® into a diversified investment portfolio.

Company Overview 

Acorns is the largest and fastest growing automated investment advisory service.

Like nature, investing can begin with a small seed that is nurtured to help grow into something much bigger over time.  From acorns might oaks do grow, and when Acorns pairs micro investing with compounding interest, a brighter future awaits.  

Acorns tracks spending across your credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts, and automatically rounds up every purchase to the nearest dollar and then invests the change into a diversified investment portfolio constructed and optimized with help from Nobel Prize-winning economist Dr. Harry Markowitz.

Acorns features low management fees, no commissions on trades, no minimum balance requirement and no transfer fees.  This helps make it easy for anyone to get started investing with even small amounts of capital.  

Acorns.  Invest the Change®.